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大理妇产科专家大理产前检查医院大理永平县妇产科检查多少钱 British buyers are snapping up entire villages in Spain for a fifth of the price of the average semi-detached home here.来自英国的买家正在西班牙大肆抢购农村的房产,因为这里的价格是英国半独立式房子均价的五分之一。Property bargain-hunters are making the most of Spain#39;s economic crisis to buy homes locals can no longer afford to keep.这些投机房产的商人正在利用西班牙经济危机,购买当地人已买不起的房产。Most of the tiny villages have been in the hands of the same families for generations, but in many cases their inhabitants have moved away to urban areas and the houses have fallen into disrepair.很多的小村庄的房子已经在一个家庭的手中保留了好几代了,但是很多情况下,他们的居住者都已经搬迁到了城市中,而那些房子很多都年久失修了。Unable to afford to maintain or restore them, they are being sold at knockdown prices. Estate agents say 80 per cent are being bought by foreigners - and a third of buyers are British.由于付不起维护或是维修费用,这些房子很多都正在被低价挂牌出售。地产代理商说百分之八十的房子都被外国人购买了,而其中三分之一是英国人。Father-of-two Neil Christie bought the hamlet of Arrunada in an idyllic corner of rural north west Spain for just 45,000 euros - or #163;39,000.尼尔-克里斯蒂是两个孩子的父亲,他在西班牙农村西北部的一个田园诗意的地区买下了一处叫阿鲁纳达的村庄,只花费了4.5万欧元,即3.9万英镑(约为36万人民币)。That is just a fifth of the price of the average semi-detached house in Britain, at #163;201,427, according to the most recent Land Registry statistics.根据最新的房产注册部门统计,这个价格只有英国半独立式房子平均价格的五分之一,在英国半独立式房子的价格为20.1万英镑。Even after he has totally renovated the four dilapidated properties, he expects to have spent no more than #163;140,000 on the project.即使在他已完全翻修的四处残旧的房产后,他预计在这个项目中的花费仍旧没有超过1.4万英镑。Former ITV transmission controller Mr Christie, 61, fell in love with the area while holidaying with his Peruvian wife Rosa.克里斯蒂以前的工作是前英国独立电视台的线路传输控制人员,现年61岁的他和秘鲁妻子丽莎来这里度假时,爱上了这片区域。The couple have moved from their former home in Cumbria and are now staying in a nearby village where Mrs Christie works as a school teacher, while Mr Christie spends his time renovating their future home.这对夫妇已经从之前在布里亚郡的房子中搬出来,他们现在正居住在附近的一个村庄,克里斯蒂夫人在那里的学校做教师,而克里斯蒂正在翻修他们未来的房子。#39;Apart from when I’m running out of tea bags there’s absolutely nothing I miss,#39; he told the Sunday People. #39;The work I did in England could be very stressful. I found it difficult to relax at times. Here I’ve got zero pollution, fresh air and fresh water and I haven’t had to bankrupt myself to get it.#39;“除了茶包快用完了之外,我没有什么可以留恋的,”他对《星期日人民报》的记者说。“我在英格兰做的工作可能是压力太大了,我发现有时候我很难放松下来。这里没有污染,有新鲜的空气和纯净的水,而且我也不会破产。”Specialist estate agents are selling the abandoned villages from #163;53,000 to #163;385,000.专业的地产代理商正在销售一些被废弃的村庄,价格从5.3万英镑到38.5万英镑不等。Buyers tend to be middle class couples in their 50s or 60s looking for somewhere for their retirement, said estate agent Rafael Canales.地产代理商拉斐尔-卡内尔说,买家一般都是一些五六十岁的中产阶级夫妇,他们正在为他们退休后的生活寻找一些房子。His business partner Pepe Rodil said Spanish families were selling up because they no longer had the money to maintain the properties and because who had moved away to towns and cities saw returning to the countryside as #39;a backwards step#39;.他的商业伙伴佩佩-雷迪奥说,西班牙的家庭正在卖掉他们的房子,因为他们已经没有足够的钱去维持这些房产,而且这些已经搬去城市的家庭认为搬回乡村就是在“退步”。He said: #39;Foreigners are filling the gap. I’m happy to see villages which were falling down being renovated. It makes me sad to see them in ruins.#39;他说:“外国人正在填补这些空缺。我很高兴看着这些已经倒下的村庄又重新被修补。因为看到他们变成废墟会让我很伤心。”Resale prices of homes in the right location can be considerable. One village of five houses Mr Rodil renovated 13 years ago and turned into a tourist complex is now on the market for #163;1.4million.在比较好的地段,转售的价格会相当不错。雷迪奥先生在13年前翻修了一个五房的村庄,而后变成了一个度假区售价为140万英镑。 /201305/241865大理哪里做人流比较好

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大理剖腹产哪家医院好30日晚上10时左右,广东外语外贸大学(大学城校区)校园网遭黑客攻击,正在上网的学生电脑全部自动关机。所幸大部分同学电脑并未遭受损坏。“黑客”为该校信息学院大四学生,目前已通过微向全体学生公开道歉。此事引发热议,“黑客”高调使用英文留言,不少广外学生则围观调侃,指出其不少语法错误:  Your computer have been invaded by us, you can see the D disk have file GWHack.txt, don't worry, we don't detroy your computer, it just a technology show! If you have Dreamamp;Skill, you can public a topic(@GWHack) in SinaWeibo to introduce yourself.  以上就是被调侃的的黑客留言,那么正确的该怎么说呢?小编姑且拟了一个版本,欢迎大家讨论~  Your computer has been attacked by us, you will see a file called GWHack.txt in the D disk. But don't worry, it won't break your computer down. This is only a technology show! If you are a geek, leave a message to introduce yourself @GWHack on Sina micro blog.  其中"Geek"(中文叫“极客”或者“奇客”),以前是对那些残忍的马戏表演者和令人厌恶的不食人间烟火的计算机癖的老式称谓,用以形容他们的自由思想和离经叛道的计算机嬉皮士的形象。现代的Geek含义虽然与过去有所不同,但大多还是相似的。现在Geek更多有一种追求尖端技术与世上潮流。总之是一群以技术与时尚为生命意义的人,这群人不分性别,不分年龄,共同的战斗在尖端技术与世界时尚风潮的前线,共同为现代的电子化社会文化做出自己的贡献。《The Big Bang Theory》(生活大爆炸)里的四位:Leonard、Sheldon、Howard和Rajesh;《Friends》(老友记)的Ross,还有《The IT Crowd》(IT狂人)里的Moss都是Geek的典型。内容来自: /201109/152084 Prince Harry's relationship with Florence Brudenell-Bruce is getting serious, with the lingerie model keen for him to join her on holiday in Ibiza. Stunning Florence, known as Flee, has hired a villa with friends on the Spanish party island and is eager for Harry to tag along. Meanwhile Flee, 25, has won the approval of Royal aides, with pals referring to the pair as a ‘dream couple’.   英国哈里王子在与新女友----内衣名模弗洛伦斯·布伦德尔·布鲁斯(Florence Brudenell-Bruce)的恋情逐渐明朗化,有消息透露,名模弗洛伦斯·布伦德尔·布鲁斯日前正式邀请哈里王子与她一同前往位于地中海西部的伊比沙岛一同度假,据悉,现年25岁的布鲁斯,是红酒商人安德鲁与法国妻子索菲亚的女儿,也是卡迪甘伯爵(Cardigan)第七代传人。 布鲁斯曾经与巴顿在2006年相恋,2008年正式分手,而26岁的哈里王子在澄清与前女友切尔西·戴维(Chelsy Davy)的关系后,与布鲁斯的恋情正式曝光。 ‘Harry is busy with his Apache helicopter training but he’s always wanted to go to the island so he’s hoping to escape for a weekend to spend time with Flee and the gang there in August. He and Flee are enjoying a real summer romance,’ said a source. ‘Flee has been introduced to William and to Palace aides, which is a significant step. 'She has gone down a storm in the Royal household. Harry’s aides think she is sweet, funny and charming.’   哈里王子与布鲁斯相识多年,据知情人介绍说:“哈里与布鲁斯相恋,布鲁斯是个很有趣的金发碧眼美女,哈里真的很喜欢她。最近,哈里王子正在学习怎样驾驶阿帕奇直升机,他一直想翘班尾随女友8月份前往位于地中海西部的伊比沙岛一起度过他们的浪漫假期。而且,值得令人高兴的是,女友弗洛伦斯·布伦德尔·布鲁斯已经正式介绍给英国皇室成员,并已经取得皇室的认同。有消息称,皇室觉得这个女孩十分甜美、风趣而且颇有吸引力。”   The source added: ‘Harry’s friends have rallied round them and have done everything they can to help their relationship blossom as quietly as possible. 'When he wants to go out for a date, five or six of his closest confidants surround him and Flee as they enter a restaurant – dispersing to leave them in peace for a romantic meal-a-deux once inside. As friends go, Harry’s are as loyal as they get.’ Florence, a descendant of the seventh Earl of Cardigan, who led the Charge of the Light Brigade, is no stranger to romance in the public eye – she dated Formula 1 star Jenson Button in 2008.   消息还透露,哈里王子的朋友们“竭尽全力”保护这对恋人,使得哈里王子与布鲁斯的恋情能在不被外界所打扰的情况下“开花结果”,知情人说:“当哈里王子与布鲁斯外出约会时,总会有5到6名挚友或者闺蜜相陪伴为他们打掩护,一般护送他们进餐厅后,朋友们会自动闪开,给这对鸳鸯留足空间让他们尽可能可以享受浪漫的二人是世界。” /201108/147315大理妇保医院不孕不育科大理妇幼保健院做人流



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