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上海肛肠科最好上海医博肛肠医院电话People across the country are demanding change.举国上下都要求变革Outraged over what they see as corrupt business practices and unbearable conditions for workers.为他们眼中的商业陋习以及工人遭受的恶劣条件而愤怒The 1896 US Presidential election is the battleground to determine the future of the nation and the Titans have done everything they can to make sure the election goes their way.1896年的美国总统选举是关乎民族未来的战场所在 而巨头们使出浑身解数以确保选举符合他们的期望As America goes to the polls, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and John Rockefeller are forced to wait.美国人民投票时 安德鲁·卡内基 J·P·根以及约翰·洛克菲勒也只能等着Ultimately, this decision lies in the hands of the American people.最终 决定权是在美国人民手中The country is divided.全国意见不一Democrat William Jennings Bryant carries the rural South and Mid-West.民主党人威廉·詹宁斯·布赖恩特在南方和中西部这些农业区获胜While Ohio Governor, William McKinley, takes the big money North East.而俄亥俄州州长 威廉·麦金莱则在东北占据绝对优势As the results are tallied the nation holds its breath.统计结果时举国上下屏住了呼吸Until, finally, a President is chosen.直至总统最终产生Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan have dodged a bullet.洛克菲勒 卡内基和根躲过一劫The country remains in their control.国家仍然在他们的控制之中With McKinley in office they#39;re free to conduct business in the way they#39;ve become accustomed.麦金莱在位期间 他们可以自由地按照他们习惯的方式经营 Article/201606/452000上海市第十人民医院看湿疹好不好 Currie now began to think the idea of large meat-eating dinosaurs as pack hunters was a serious possibility.Currie现在开始认为大型食肉恐龙是群体狩猎者的可能性很大But to prove his hunch, he needed hard evidence,但是为了明他的假设,他必须找出据like that which had been found for the plant-eating dinosaurs.类似植食恐龙身上的那些据What he needed was to find a bone bed where a group of mega-carnivores,他需要找到一片埋葬着数只大型食肉恐龙的化石场,any meat-eating giants no matter what species, lay buried together.不论是哪种食肉恐龙都行If we can find a bone bed with a lot of carnivores in one place,如果我们能找到一处埋着很多食肉恐龙的化石场then we have an indication that those animals died together.那就说明它们是一起死去的If they died together, there#39;s a very high probability they may have been living together.如果它们真是一起死去,很有可能它们生前也在一起生活The only way we can actually demonstrate if an animal is a group hunter,唯一能明这些动物是群体狩猎者的据or even come close to thinking about that, is by finding an assemblage或者让我们开始相信这种说法的据就是一片骨骼化石群where there are multiple individuals of different age sizes,包括各个年龄层次的个体from small individuals all of the way to big adults, buried together at the same time.从小恐龙到大个的成年恐龙都应该埋在同一地层中So for Currie, the search was on around the world for just such a site.所以对于Currie来说,他寻遍全世界只是为了找到一个地点And then...he remembered something.后来,他想起了些什么 Article/201612/481793I#39;m getting tumble around like a pebble,constantly pined under tons of freezing water.我开始像石子一样在水里翻滚沉浮 在数吨的冷水里不断打转But the rapids have done their job I can ferry glide to the opposite bank,while the size of the volume running up.但是激流帮了我一把 我可以在流量变大时 慢慢游到对岸去Gonna here...it#39;s gonna here,gonna there that flow I wanna get out of this, you know.到了就是这儿 顺着这股水流 你知道我真想从这里出去The more dangerous...The best way to stay a clear stoppers and some merge rocks is to build a raft.更危险的是...在水中避开障碍物和隐蔽的石块的最佳办法 就是扎一个筏子Staying on the surface move fast,improve your chances to survival.待在水面上迅速移动 有助于提高生存几率In Alabama,a raft seem like a great way to stay out of the water and other trouble.在阿拉巴马 筏子似乎是一个很棒的方法 使我们不用入水 避开其他麻烦Everything I needed,was lying around me.我需要的所有材料 都可以就地取材Then use all of these polystyrene,as the next layer,and then use a tarpaulin to wrape around it.然后用这些聚苯乙烯材料 作为下一层 然后用一个防水帆布 把这一圈包裹上Try make its water-tight as possible.He found some...some kind of plastic sheet here.尽可能将接缝弄得密不透水 他找到某种塑料布The ability into a doughnut raft is just...just with...with all the degree that was...uh...was there almost on the side of the river.建造饼筏的能力就是 总得来说就是 全部在河边完成It just worked brilliantly as a floatation device,even in really rough water.Okay, we are out of here.作为一种漂浮装备 它很出色 即使是在非常湍急的水里 好了 我们出发了The bad side of the whole raft was basically...was uncontrollable you can#39;t steer it.筏子的缺点是没法控制 你无法掌控它The water was deciding where it wants to flow Bear.水流决定了贝尔的方向My raft hold out for a while,but all too soon the rapids became too violent.我的筏子坚持了一会 但是很快 湍流变的异常剧烈The current is too strong,I throw out and dump into the icy cold water.水流太湍急了 我被甩出来掉进了冰冷刺骨的水里 Article/201606/447058杨浦区治疗肛周疾病多少钱

上海大便后肛门痒治疗医院要多少钱栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451753上海女人痔疮治疗 5 Asking the Way问路Asking directions问路Excuse me./Pardon me.打扰一下。Can you tell me the way to Spring Street?你能告诉我去春天大街的路吗?Can I take a bus to get there?我可以坐公共汽车到那里吗?Could you tell me which bus goes to the Beijing Zoo?你能告诉我哪趟公共汽车到北京动物园吗?Could you tell me where to change/where I should transfer?你能告诉我在哪里换车吗?Could/Would you tell me how to get to the post office?你能告诉我到邮局该怎么走吗?Could you tell me where the post office is?你能告诉我邮局在哪里吗?Would you please tell me whether I#39;m going the right way to the post office?请问去邮局是这个方向吗?Which way is the Beijing Zoo?到北京动物园怎么走?How do I get to the Beijing Zoo?到北京动物园怎么走?How can I find this address?请问这个地址怎么找?Does this bus go to the Beijing Zoo?这辆公共汽车到北京动物园吗?How long does it take to walk there?走到那里要多长时间呢?I wonder if you could tell me where the railway station is.不知你能否告诉我火车站在哪里。I wonder if you could help me.I#39;m looking for the nearest post office.不知你能不能帮助我。我在找最近的邮局。Would you be kind enough to tell me the right way to the Com-mercial Building?请问你能告诉我到商业大厦怎么走吗?Do you know a souvenir shop around here?你知道附近有没有纪念品店?Where can I get a Taxi?我可以在哪里打到计程车?How far is it to the nearest post office?到这最近的邮局有多远?Responding negatively否定的回答Sorry,I#39;m not sure where it is.对不起,我不能确定它在哪里。Sorry,I don#39;t know.对不起,我不知道。I really can#39;t remember.我真的不记得了。I#39;m sorry,I#39;m afraid I can#39;t help you.对不起,我恐怕爱莫能助了。Sorry,I#39;m new here myself.对不起,我自己也是初到这个地方。Responding positively肯定的回答Go straight on(ahead).往前直走。Follow your nose.往前直走。Take this road.走这条路。Turn right(left).往右(左)拐。Turn around.转向后走。Turn right at the traffic light.在红绿灯处往右拐。It#39;s just around the corner.它就在拐角处附近。It#39;s on the right hand side.它在街道的右边。It#39;s about three blocks from here.它离这里走路约需5分钟。It#39;s about a five-minute walk from here.它离这里走路约需5分钟It#39;s only a short distance from here.它离这里只要一小段路。Take Bus No.21 and it will take you right there.坐21路公共汽车,它会带你到那里。You could take a 17 and get off at the theatre and change to the 65.你可以坐17路车,在电影院下车,换乘65路。Walk two blocks,and turn left when you see the traffic light.走过两个街区,在红绿灯处往右拐。Take the second turning on the left and go straight on.在第二个拐弯处向左拐,然后一直往前走。Walk down this road,take the second turning on the right.沿着这条路往前走,在第二个拐弯处往右拐。Turn round and turn left at the traffic lights,and then ask again.往后走,在红绿灯处往左拐,然后再问一下别人。You can take the bus and get off at the second stop.你可以坐这辆公共汽车,然后在第二站下车。Go straight ahead and turn left at the second crossing.往前直走,然后在第二个十字路口往左拐。Go on for about 100 meters.It#39;s on your left side.直走约100米。它在你的左侧。it#39;s Room 201 on the second floor.它在2楼201房间。Oh,you#39;re going the wrong way.哦,你走错了。You can#39;t miss it.你不会走错的。I#39;ve got a map showing the way there.我有张表明到那里的路线的地图。Asking for repetition请求重复Pardon?对不起,可以再说一遍吗?Pardon me?请原谅,可以再说一遍吗?I beg you pardon?请原谅,可以再说一遍吗?Sorry?对不起,可以再说一遍吗?Would you repeat that?你可以再说一遍吗?Would you say it again?你可以再说一遍吗?Would you mind repeating what you said?你能不能再说一遍?Confirming and correcting确认与指正I see.Straight to the corner.Left and then right.我明白了。直走到拐角。向左拐,然后向右拐。I see.Straight to the corner.我明白了。直走到拐角。Left until I come to the end of the block and then right.向左拐,走到街区的尽头再往右拐。That#39;s it/right/correct.对。No,you turn right and then left.不,你先往右拐,然后左拐。Conversations会话 /200706/14683上海市中山医院肛肠痔疮内痔外痔混合痔治疗好吗

奉贤区奉城医院肛肠科怎么样TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201606/447642 Conversation A : At the Train Station?EILEEN: What time does the train goMARTIN: At nine-fifteen.EILEEN: What time does it arrive in PittsburghMARTIN: I don't know.?EILEEN: When is your meetingMARTIN: I have many meetings. They are in the afternoon.?EILEEN: When are you coming homeMARTIN: Tonight.?EILEEN: We're going to meet the train.?MARTIN: Is Alan going to come with youEILEEN: Yes, he is.?MARTIN: When is his gameEILEEN: Tomorrow evening.?MARTIN: Isn't the game this eveningEILEEN: No, it isn't. It's tomorrow evening.?MARTIN: When was it last weekEILEEN: It was on Wednesday. It's on Thursday this week.?MARTIN: I see. What time is the gameEILEEN: Is't at seven-thirty.?MARTIN: Good. I'm going to go.?EILEEN: That's wonderful. He wants you to go.?MARTIN: When are you going to your officeEILEEN: After lunch. I worked late last night.?MARTIN: What time are you going to goEILEEN: At one-thirty. What time is the train tonightMARTIN: It arrives at eight-forty-five.?EILEEN: OK. Sue can come, too. Can you eat on the trainMARTIN: Yes, I can. But I'm going to eat in Pittsburgh.?EILEEN: Good. Sue can finish her homework before dinner.?MARTIN: What time are you going to have dinnerEILEEN: At seven o'clock.?MARTIN: When are you going to come to the train stationEILEEN: At eight o'clock.?Practice 1:如果不必说明确切的时间,可以用比较笼统的方式表示时间。?Examples:MARTIN: In the afternoon. Tonight.?EILEEN: Tomorrow evening. On Wednesday. On Thursday. After lunch. Last night. Before dinner.?MARTIN: At nine-fifteen.?EILEEN: At seven-thirty. At one-thirty.?MARTIN: At eight-forty-five.?EILEEN: At seven o'clock. At eight o'clock.?会话A : 在火车站?艾 琳:火车几点开马 丁:9点15分。?艾 琳:什么时候到匹兹堡马 丁:我不清楚。?艾 琳:会议什么时候开马 丁:我有许多会议,它们都是在下午。?艾 琳:你什么时候回家马 丁:今晚。?艾 琳:我们来接站。?马 丁:艾伦和你一起来吗艾 琳:是的,他来。?马 丁:他的球赛是在什么时候艾 琳:明天晚上。?马 丁:球赛不是在今天晚上吗艾 琳:不,不是。是在明天晚上。?马 丁:上周球赛是在什么时候进行的艾 琳:是在星期三,这周是在星期四。?马 丁:我明白了,球赛是在几点艾 琳:7点30分。?马 丁:好,我要去看。?艾 琳:那好极了,他想要你去。?马 丁:你什么时候去上班艾 琳:午饭后,我昨晚工作得很晚。?马 丁:你几点去上班艾 琳:一点半,火车今晚几点到马 丁:8点45分到。?艾 琳:好吧,苏也能来,你能在火车上吃饭吗马 丁:能。但我将在匹兹堡吃饭。?艾 琳:好,苏在晚饭前能完成作业。?马 丁:你们什么时候吃晚饭艾 琳:7点。?马 丁:你什么时候到火车站艾 琳:8点。?Conversation B?EILEEN: Martin, when did you first visit PittsburghMARTIN: In 1975. I wrote a story about Pittsburgh ten years ago. I wrote a story three years ago. And I visited last year, too.?EILEEN: When did you first visit Washington?MARTIN: I don't know. Many years ago.?Practice 2:表示过去的事件或活动的时间短语,常常是由“表示时间的名词(词组)+副词 ago”构成,也可由“形容词 last+表示时间的名词”或“in+年代”构成。?Examples: MARTIN: Three years ago. Ten years ago. Many years ago. ?In 1975.?Last year.?会话B?艾 琳:马丁,你第一次访问匹兹堡是在什么时候马 丁:在1975年,10年前我写过一篇有关匹兹堡的报导。我3年前写过一篇报导,我去年也写过一次。?艾 琳:你第一次访问华盛顿是在什么时候马 丁:我记不清楚了,许多年以前。 /200602/3401上海市医博肛肠医院肛肠科浦东新区治疗大便困难多少钱



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