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Sirena Huang:音乐神童黄凱珉小提琴表演技惊四座 Article/201503/365066

Alert issued for month-long heatwave in China我国发布为期一个月的热浪警报China#39;s weather authorities have issued a yellow alert, marking what#39;s known as ;Dog days;-the hottest days of summer.众所周知夏季最为炎热的“三伏天”已经来临,我国气象当局已经发布黄色警报。On Tuesday, a heat wave is predicted to hit the eastern parts of north China, most parts of Huanghuai and the central and western parts of Jianghuai, with temperatures rising to around 37 degrees celsius in some regions.周二,一股热浪预计将袭击我国东部地区,主要是黄淮大部分地区,江淮中部及西部地区,一些地区气温甚至会升至37摄氏度。While the central and southern parts of Hebei Province, Turpan Basin and Tarim Basin are expected to see temperatures soar and settle at 40 degrees Celsius.河北省中部和南部地区、吐鲁番盆地、塔里木盆地等地区气温预计将升至40摄氏度。 译文属 Article/201507/385831

  He had such pipes and drama in his voice他的嗓音很好又富有情感to be so young.却又如此年轻He was just one of a kind in that respect.他真的很独特He really did the songs justice.他唱的真的很好l think Michael knew how important lyric was to the song.我觉得迈克尔很了解歌词的重要性And it had to reach, touch something, l think, for him to really wanna sing it.明白它一定要能够感动 他才会想去唱那首歌And, you know, he#39;d dance and sing at the same time况且他又能歌善舞so it had to correspond with his body, too.所以还必须要与肢体产生共鸣so it all had to be one piece for him.所以一切都要搭配得很好He didn#39;t want fluff. He wanted something with legs on it,他不喜欢很花俏的东西 他要的是实在something that was gonna last through time可以承受时间洗礼的东西and that#39;s actually what he ended up creating.这也是他所创造的The bigger he became as an artist,他愈走红the more enamoured he seemed to be over songwriters.就愈崇拜词曲创作者A lot of people have done those songs and couldn#39;t get a handle on #39;em许多人都没有办法驾驭llike the levi stubbs or Diana Ross,像是利瓦伊·史塔布斯 或是黛安娜·罗丝but he just had a knack, a gift.但他真的很有天份He aly had a cake but then he put icing all on top of it.对他来说简直是锦上添花 Article/201509/398342


  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m an award that was established in 1895 and first given in 1901, a name for the inventor of dynamite, and I am awarded in several different fields, including medicine, physics and peace. 我是在1895年建立、首次在1901年颁发。我是炸药的发明家。我在不同领域颁布,包括医药、物理和和平。I#39;m the Nobel Prize, established by the will of Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel.我是诺贝尔奖,是根据瑞典化学家阿尔弗雷德 · 诺贝尔的遗愿建立的。AZUZ: We are expecting the 2014 Nobel Prize winners to be announced all this week, at a ceremony in the Swedish capital of Stockholm yesterday. 我们期待2014年诺贝尔奖得主能在本周宣布,也就是在昨天瑞典首都斯得哥尔举办的仪式上。There were three winners named for the prize in physiology or medicine. 诺贝尔生理学或医学奖的获得者有三名。Professors John O#39;Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edward Moser are all neuroscientists. 分别是国科学家John O#39;Keefe(约翰-欧基夫),挪威科学家May Britt Moser(梅-布莱特-莫索尔);以及挪威科学家Edvand Moser(爱德华-莫索尔),他们都是神经系统科学家。They#39;ll split the .2 million Nobel Award. 他们平分了120万美元诺贝尔奖奖金。They discovered brain cells that help us keep track of where we are and where we are going. 他们发现了帮助我们记录我们在哪、我们要去哪儿的脑细胞。It#39;s kind of like a GPS built into our heads. 这就像是我们脑子里的GPS一样。It allows us to make repeat trips to previous places. 它使我们能去到以前去过的地方。And one reason why the discoveries are important, Alzheimer#39;s research. 这项发现之所以重要,是因为老年痴呆症的研究。People with Alzheimer#39;s disease become lost more easily as parts of their brains breaks down.患有老年痴呆症的人会更容易迷路,因为他们大脑部分失灵了。Understanding the brain#39;s GPS could help scientists understand how these patient#39;s become disoriented. 了解了大脑的GPS能帮助科学家了解这些病人为什么会失去方向感。 /201410/335217

  22 years old, a new mother, and a subversive.二十二岁初为人母 颠覆叛逆A year earlier, an imperial decree一年前政府下令 将基督教定为非法教会Converts like Perpetua are now enemies of the state.像佩尔培图阿这种皈依者则成为了国家的敌人Their crime: refusing to honor the Roman Gods.他们的罪行是 拒绝敬拜罗马神灵You had to be a little bit crazy to be a Christian,你得有点疯狂才能成为基督徒it was enough to get you killed,而这足以让你被处以死刑because you were saying your allegiance was to Christ and to his father and not to the emperor.因为你只忠于耶稣还有他的父亲 而并未忠于帝国You would#39;ve been always looking over your shoulder,你会不停地回头看看身后like, is someone following me or does someone know I#39;m a Christian.害怕有人跟踪 或者害怕有人知道自己是基督教徒You would#39;ve been paranoid, afraid to talk to anyone openly.你会偏执多疑 不敢对人敞开心扉The empire#39;s secret police: the Frumentarii.帝国的地下警察 也称弗鲁曼塔里They use a network of informers to hunt down dissidents.他们利用眼线来抓捕异端分子 Article/201510/405527The first distant planet was discovered in 1995.第一个遥远的行星发现于1995年Since then, hundreds more have been found.从那以后,又发现了上百个This, I think, is a pretty exciting discovery.我认为这些都是相当令人兴奋的发现It could be an coverage of a major break through.这可能会是一个重大的突破One that will both redefine our view of life in the universe这会让我们重新界定我们的宇宙生命观and be a real triumph for science itself.也会是科学真正的成功Somewhere out there, perhaps not so far away,在外太空的某处,或许并不远is a rocky planet a bit like earth,有一颗类似于地球的岩态行星a planet with liquid water,一颗拥有液态水的行星where life has begun.而生命就在那里起源Due to the power of evolution,由于适者生存的进化作用aliens here might be surprisingly familiar,这里的外星人可能看上去非常的熟悉even if, at first, they seem anything but.即便它们最初看起来很不一样Aliens that eat, for example, need an input orifice,例如,外星人需要一个进食口进食or, as most people say, a mouth.或者,也就是我们所说的,一张嘴Likewise, if they live on a solid surface,同样,如果他们生活在固态地表的话they#39;ll probably have legs.他们很可能是有下肢的The detail might be different,下肢的具体情况可能会有所不同but legs are good things to have on land,但在陆地上行动,下肢还是非常有用的especially if the animal is clinging to the side of a cliff.特别是在动物攀爬峭壁的时候If the planet is well-lit,如果行星上光线较好 eyes are almost guaranteed.那么拥有眼睛就几乎是肯定的They let a creature accurately sense its environment.眼睛使生物能够准确地觉察所处的环境Even the position of the eyes will follow the same rules as on earth.就连眼睛的位置也会遵循与地球上一样的规则Prey animals tend to have eyes on either side of their head,被捕食类动物的眼睛倾向于长在头的两侧allowing them to look out for predators.使得它们能够防备食肉动物的袭击Predators, even alien ones,食肉动物,即使是外星食肉动物need forward-facing eyes to accurately judge distance也需要前视的眼睛以精确的判断距离an essential skill when hunting.这是捕猎时的一种重要技能 Article/201506/378763

  #39;Xiaonian#39;custom: Kitchen god worshipping amp; sweeping过“小年”:祭灶神扫房子It is Xiaonian Festival in China, an annual mini-festival held seven days before Chinese New Year.今天是中国的小年,过完这个节日后,还有7天即将迎来中国的传统节日春节。There are some very old customs to celebrate the day, like pasting couplets on either side of doors, worshiping the “Kitchen God,”and sweeping homes.这个节日有很多习俗,比如在大门的两侧张贴对联,还有祭灶神,扫房子等。It is also marks the start of the countdown as the festivities begin to gear up for Spring Festival.小年也同样标志着春节庆祝正式进入倒计时。Many people use the time to go out shopping,to buy those much needed supplies and groceries for the biggest holiday of the year.许多人在小年的今天会选择外出购物,为即将到来的春节置办各种各样的年货。 Article/201502/359715栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201506/380162

  China#39;s central bank is planning to issue a new 100 yuan banknote in November.央行11月发行新版百元面值纸币 图案有调整The central bank said on Monday that the note#39;s design has been updated so it could be more easily identified by vending machines and automatic teller machines.周一央行表示新版纸币的设计已经更新,这样自动售货机和自动取款机就更容易识别。The new note will be the third edition of the fifth series, which was introduced in 1999. The second edition was issued in 2005.2015年版第五套人民币100元纸币在维持2005年版第五套人民币100元基本不变的情况下,对部分图案做了适当调整,对整体防伪性能进行了提升。 译文属 Article/201511/409227


  Snow Plough Turns犁式转弯You got snow plough mastered你已经掌握了犁式滑雪You feeling very happy and confident, you can control you speed and that plough你会感觉非常高兴和自信 ,你能用犁式滑雪来控制你的速度。maybe even change the size a few times.犁式的尺寸也有一些变化Once you got that dialed, you can look a chance to change direction, and doing some your called “snow plough turn”.一旦你对犁式滑雪感到乏味,你可以找个机会来改变一下方向滑雪,做一些就是你们说的:“犁式转弯”。Everything being even at your snow plough, the ski wants to actually go that way, this ski wants to travel in this direction。在你的犁式滑雪过程中,每个动作都是平衡的。这个雪板要往这里来,这个雪板这个方向来if you keep everything even, the weight nice and centered,如果你保持平衡,重心居中you count each other that you got a straight line.两边抵消,你会走直线。What I’m do here is do what exactly I#39;ve done before.在这儿做的所以的和我以前做的一样。Start to slide, pushing into a snow plough, and very very slightly push more on my right leg to actually change the direction and turn to left.开始滑行,犁式滑雪后用点力,仅仅非常非常轻的在右腿上用点力,来改变方向,向左转。Let’s have a go.让我们来练一次。So hands in front, looking forward, and I#39;m gonna start to push more with my right leg and it start to wing, and take around to the left, so another go.手在前,身体朝前。我开始右腿用力了,当它开始转向时我向左转圈。再来一次。Make sure you start out a snow plough, pick up some speed, and turn the right ski more, and gently change the direction,确信你要开始犁式转弯时加点速度用在右滑雪板上的力量多点,轻轻的转方向。we are not linking the turns yet, we try it to the left, we now gonna try it to the right, so that’s left leg is gonna push out lightly harder.我们还没把每个弯连起来。我们尝试了向左,现在我打算试试向右。所以,左腿多用一点力,Again, trying watch!再试一次,看!I’ve got a calm upper body, not twisting. I’m just pushing harder with that left leg. Gently let the turn work.上身保持平衡,不扭转。只是左腿用力,轻轻转起来It’s not power steering, it won’t happen in split second, progressively, think it’s nice smooth turn, and rather than a sharp one.这不是甩尾,它不会发生在瞬间。而是渐渐地,我认为它是平滑的一个弯而不是急转弯。Let’s go again. You probably find that one direction easier than the other, that’s normal, but keep practicing and remember , turn the foot and the ski will come around让我们再来一次。你可能发现朝某一边比另一边要好转。那是正常的,但要不停的练习并记住,转动你的脚,雪板就会跟上。It’s now we can start putting the turns together, and actually linking them down then down the hill. Don’t think of it as massive change direction.所以现在我们不把这些转弯连在一起,然他们在下山时自然连接。不要把它作为一个巨大的方向转弯。Turning to the right ,turning that left ski, straighten up向右转时,把左边的滑雪板转动,放直。spend a moment facing down the hill, then you can actually start your next turn.花一点时间面向山下,然后开始你的下一个转弯。We want to avoid feeling of trying to turn one fast sweep.我们避免有“来一个急转弯”的想法。If you look back tracks , you gonna see a nice smooth “s” shape, as it supposed to “zig-zag”. Let’s have a go.当你回头看看你滑过的轨迹,你会看到一个流畅的S形而不是你所认为的Z形。让我们试一下。Push back of left ski, and start to turn across the hill,蹬左边滑雪板后部,开始转向。from here I can start push out back of right ski and point down the hill,从这儿我可以开始蹬右边滑雪板后面,向山下滑去if I keep pushing that right ski, I’ll gradually turn around to the left如果我在右边滑雪板用力,我会慢慢向左转圈。Remember , we want a smooth “S” not a “Z”.记住,我想要一个流畅的S而不是Z。Now we are linking the turns,现在让我们连起这些弯。Remember the basics: my arms in front, I’m looking ahead , and make smooth gently movements.记住这些基本动作:双胳膊朝前,头向下,慢慢地流畅的滑。Well done, first down skis. You should be feeling some control using the snow plough, and just have an idea, changing directions, gently down the slope.非常好。第一步完成。用犁式滑雪你会感觉到你能控制速度,慢慢在斜坡上改变方向The next time we gonna find much longer slope, not any steeper, but gonna give you more time to get into run下次我们找个更长的斜坡但不是更陡峭。让你有更多的地方练习转弯。and I’m gonna really work on your turns and feeling that extra control, we are going to look to lose that snow plough towards end of the turn.我真的打算教你好好转弯,让你感觉到你控制了怎样转弯.我们甚至打算在你最后一个弯时不用犁式滑雪。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201504/369094

  But there#39;s another reason why this volcano is very special.为什么这个火山这么特别 这里还有个原因And to see that, I need to get down into the crater要明白这个原因 我需要下到火山口and see the lava up close.近距离的观看熔岩翻滚-Sit back,sit back.-After,after.-放松,放松-往后,往后点Okay.好了That#39;s it. That#39;s good.就那样,不错It#39;s close to a 100-foot drop to the terrace below.垂直下降30米会到达下面那个恐怖地带I#39;ve waiter until sunset to take a closer look我要一直等到太阳下山才能近距离的观看because the lava is at its most spectacular at night.因为熔岩在晚上看起来最壮观This is as close as I can safely get.这是离火山最近的安全距离了Oh,wow.Look at that.That is magnificent.噢,哎呀 太壮观了I mean, It#39;s taken us a hell of journey to get here,我们经历了地狱般的路程才到达这里But that makes it all worth it.但是完全值得I am standing on the edge of an active volcano,我正站在一个活火山的边缘right next to a big pool of molten lava.旁边就是一个巨大的熔岩湖What makes this lava lake more than just pure spectacle是什么使这个熔岩湖不仅仅是宏伟壮观呢?is that it#39;s a window that allows us to look deep into the Earth.是因为我可以通过这个火山口看到地球深处and it helps us understand the forces that shape our planet.了解到塑造地球的这种伟大的自然力量 Article/201508/391296

  From the dust of empires,New forces rise.从帝国的废墟中 一股新势力悄然崛起New ideas propel us forward.New beliefs unite us.And tear us apart.新思想推动我们前进 新信仰能让我们团结一心 也能让我们远离彼此Amidst the chaos of an unforgiving planet,Most species will fail.这颗星球残酷无情 在无数混乱中 大多数物种将会在劫难逃But for one, all the pieces will fall into place.但有一种物种 却有条不紊地进化着And a set of keys will unlock a path for mankind to triumph.一串钥匙将开启人类通往胜利的道路This is our story, the story of all of us.这就是我们的故事 我们所有人的故事Rome, 455A.D..At the gates of the imperial palace.罗马 公元四百四十五年 在宏伟的宫殿门口出现了一个人Gaiseric...Known as the #39;spear king#39;,他叫盖塞里克 人称;长矛之王;Chief of a tribe of Germanic warriors: the Vandals.他是日耳曼人的一个部落 汪达尔人的首领They#39;ve crushed Roman armies in North Africa.他们在北非的战场上重挫罗马军队Now they#39;re after the riches of Rome itself.而现在他们觊觎罗马本地的财富 Article/201510/406900

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