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沉痛哀悼,南苏丹牺牲维和士兵终到家 -- 18:: 来源: 中国政府空运回在南苏丹袭击中牺牲的两名联合国维和士兵,并将在其家乡举行葬礼面对为世界和平牺牲的战士,全世界热爱和平的人们应该共同努力保卫世界和平与稳定 The Chinese government Tuesday airlifted the remains of its two UN peacekeepers killed in the recent fighting in the conflict-hit South Sudan back home burial.本周四中国政府空运回在南苏丹袭击中牺牲的两名联合国维和士兵,并将在其家乡举行葬礼The bodies of deceased Corporal Li Lei, and Master Sergeant Yang Shupeng, 33 who were killed in the fighting between government troops of President Salva Kiir and ces loyal to Vice President Riek Machar in the capital Juba were flown back home in a special chartered plane sent by Chinese President Xi Jinping last week.死者下士李雷岁,士官长杨树鹏33岁他们在总统萨尔瓦·基尔的政府军和副总统里克·马查尔党派军队在首都朱巴的冲突中牺牲上周习近平主席指示派遣专机空运牺牲士兵回家Maj. Gen. Su Guanghui, acting director of the Peacekeeping Affairs Office at the Chinese Defense Ministry who led the delegation the evacuation of bodies of fallen officers and other military officers mounted a parade and saluted as the bodies were being lifted to be loaded onto the waiting plane Beijing.中国国防部维和事务办公室主任少将苏光辉带领部队撤离牺牲士兵当遗体被运送到飞往北京的专机时还有其他很多军官列队致敬The 737 Boeing plane carrying the caskets of the departed peacekeepers wrapped in the Chinese National flag was seen off at Entebbe International Airport, about 0 kilometers south of the capital, Kampala by the Chinese Ambassador to Uganda, Zhao Yali and some Chinese nationals living in Uganda in a somber mood.波音737飞机运载着躺在覆盖中国国旗棺木里的牺牲士兵飞机在距离首都南边0公里远的恩德培国际机场起飞,这里是中国驻乌干达的坎帕拉赵亚立和其他乌干达的中国同胞深感悲痛The special chartered plane is going to take off with the remains of our two soldiers. They sacrificed their lives in the peacekeeping mission in Juba. We feel very very sorry that, said Yali.亚立说:“专机将带着我们两名牺牲士兵的遗体起飞,他们在朱巴的维和任务中牺牲我们深表遗憾”I should say that, all together with all peace loving nations of the world, we should try together, work together to safeguard the peace and stability in the world. We will remember them ever, he said.他说:“我想说,和全世界热爱国家的人们一起,我们应该共同努力保卫世界的和平与稳定我们将永远怀念他们”The bodies of the fallen soldiers were last Friday airlifted to Uganda and persevered at Mulago National Referral Hospital Mortuary, Kampala, awaiting their final journey back home.牺牲士兵的遗体上周五空运到了乌干达,并运送到穆拉戈国家医院太平间,最终将飞抵家乡

科技的魅力:时空船或可让冷冻人重生 -- :: 来源: 导语:相信每个人都希望自己能够长生不死,永葆青春最近美国有科研团队表示,他们正在建造全球最大的人体低温贮藏中心,未来人类或可实现永生 Humans have long dreamt of finding the ‘fountain of youth’ – a way to prolong life, sustain health, and even achieve immortality.一直以来人们都梦想着找到“不老泉”——一种延长寿命、保持健康甚至长生不老的方法Now, one project will soon be spearheading the efts toward making this a reality.现在,一项工程将很快作为探路先锋来尝试实现这个梦想After many years of planning, construction has finally begun on the Timeship Building, where thousands of frozen bodies will eventually be contained, in hopes to one day bring them back from the dead.经过多年的准备,这座名为“时光船”的建筑终于开始动工,它将可以储存成千上万具冰冻的人体,以便在未来某一天将他们起死回生According to New Scientist, the site will become the largest structure dedicated to life extension research and cryopreservation in the world.据《新科学家报道,该建筑将会成为世界上最大的致力于研究延长寿命和低温贮藏的地点Designed by renowned architect Stephen Valentine, the sprawling building will sit behind the gates that encircle a massive plot of land in Comt, Texas.它由著名建筑师史提夫·瓦伦丁设计,其庞大的身躯将坐落在德克萨斯州康福特镇的一片大片土地上It won’t just house bodies; the Timeship Building will also be used to store biological materials, including cells, tissues, and organs.这座“时光船”将不仅仅用于贮藏尸体,还用于贮藏其他生物材料,包括细胞、组织和器官This project is essentially ‘taking people to the future,’ Valentine explained to New Scientist.瓦伦丁向《新科学家介绍说,这一项目能够将人类带到未来Cryopreservation is the practice of storing animals and humans in extremely low-temperatures with hopes that they can be revived in the future.低温贮藏是一种在极低温度下储存动物和人类尸体以便未来将之复活的方法Cryonics is often criticized as a misguided venture reserved the wealthy, and aims to heal those who cannot be saved through current capabilities.不过,人体冷冻法经常被批评为针对有钱人的错误冒险,其目的在于治愈那些现有条件无法治愈的病人Instead of definite death, the procedure aims to provide a way them to exist in a frozen state until technology arises to meet their needs.这种方法旨在提供一种途径让人类不用彻底消亡而以冰冻的状态存在,直到未来科技发展到足以满足他们的需求With such precious materials contained within its walls, the Timeship Building is being built with safeguarding in mind.由于建筑内部保存着如此贵重的物料,建造“时光船”必须考虑到安全防护措施Its location and structure are suited to protect the project from any imaginable dangers, from natural disasters to terrorist attacks.它的位置和结构将保护项目抵抗任何可能的危险,包括自然灾害和恐怖袭击And, the first bricks will soon be laid.该工程很快将动土‘We see the Timeship as the ‘t Knox’ of biological materials,’ the site explains.设计方称:“我们认为‘时光船’就是生物材料的‘诺克斯堡’“‘DNA, tissue samples, and cryopreserved patients will be housed in Timeship, and their safety and security against all threats, both natural and human-made, will have to be maintained hundreds of years.“DNA、组织样本和低温贮藏的病人将被安置在‘时光船’中,在数百年内,他们将不受任何威胁,包括自然的和人为的”‘Timeship has been designed to provide that security at every level, from defense against terrorist attack, to sea level changes due to global warming, to interruption of energy supplies due to any catastrophe.’“‘时光船’预设了各级安防措施,包括防御恐怖袭击,因全球变暖导致的海平面上升以及由于任何灾难而导致的能源供给中断”

美学者批《纽约时报,对南海报道不真实 -- :: 来源: 本周二,一位美国外交政策专家抨击了《纽约时报对中国南海事务最近的一篇报道,称其针对中国的攻击是有偏向性的,是“鹰派”政治的体现,非常的“不合理” In his column on Sino-US Spotlight Online, Ben Reynolds said that the editorial published by The New York Times does not hold water the following reasons.在其“中美聚焦在线”的专栏里,本·雷诺兹表示说,由于以下原因,《纽约时报的这篇社论并没有在报道中保持公正First, the report titled "Playing Chicken in the South China Sea" and published on May 1 echoes the prevailing hawkish perspective of the US policymakers, who severely exaggerated China’s threat to the region and the ed States and supported tough steps against China in the South China Sea issue.第一,这篇文章以“Playing Chicken in the South China Sea”(“在南中国海虐鸡”)为题,并且选择在5月1日发表,目的是为了附和在美国决策者间风靡的鹰派观点在此之前,美国鹰派政治家严重夸大了这一事件,宣称中国对该地区和美国存在巨大的威胁,并且主张在南海问题上对中国采取强硬措施Second, the report’s vaguely depicted "rich resources" in the South China Sea are either strategically irrelevant to Washington or outside the disputed waters.第二,这篇报道含糊地提及了中国南海地区“丰富的资源”,但是这一事实既和美国无关,也不在有争议海域所涉及的问题范围之内Third, all parties concerned in the South China Sea issue do not believe that China’s territorial claims will threat the sea routes. In this sense, the US-preached navigation freedom is not an issue.第三,有关各方在南海问题上都不认为中国的领土主张将威胁到海上航线,美国所宣称的自由航行并不是问题Fourth, the report’s accusation of "China’s most aggressive and outrageous tactic," referring to its land reclamation and infrastructure construction in the South China Sea, has selectively neglected the fact that the US allies and rival claimants in the region have also been engaged in such activities. It is their actions that are mainly responsible the region’s militarization.第四,这份报道以“中国最具攻击性和令人无法容忍的策略”的表述来指责中国在南海的岛屿开垦和基础设施建设,但是这篇报道似乎有选择性地忽视了美国的盟友也在该地区从事此类活动的事实正是由于他们的这些活动,才导致了该地区的军事化Fifth, the report’s attack on China’s increasing defense budget has also overlooked the fact that the US military spending in has tripled that of China to the stunning 60.1 billion US dollars. Washington also announced planned deployment of at least 60 percent of its navy and air ces to the Asia-Pacific region, which, apparently, will not be devoted only to humanitarian missions.第五,这份报告还对中国的国防预算增加进行了攻击,但是却又忽略了年美国军费出是中国的三倍,达到了令人惊讶的601亿美元美国还宣布将计划部署其至少60%的海军和空军到亚太地区,显然这不仅仅是为了执行人道主义任务The ed States have conducted routine patrols and surveillance of China right off China’s coast lines.美国还在中国的海岸线附近进行例行巡逻和执行对中国的监视任务Last but not the least, the report’s conclusion that accused China of trying to rewrite the international rules has once again committed selective amnesia as Obama’s support of Japan, which has once invaded many Asian nations and slaughtered their people in the 190s.最后,这份报告的结论指责中国试图改写国际规则,但是却又一次有选择性地遗忘了奥巴马对日本的持,这个国家曾在世纪0年代入侵了许多亚洲国家,并屠杀了他们的人民The US mainstream media like The New York Times have instinctively believed in their government’s eign policies, until they were proved erroneous by a number of facts time and time again, Reynolds said, noting that their reports of China and the South China Sea issue have been based on unjustifiable arguments and deliberate ignorance of facts.本·雷诺兹说道,类似《纽约时报之类的美国主流媒体本能地相信政府的外交政策,直到被事实一次又一次地明他们的荒谬他还指出美国媒体对于中国和南海事务的报道是基于不公正的论调和被故意忽略的事实The US media tend to weigh up China’s activities out of prejudice, in ignorance of the reasons and consequences of their reports, the experts said.本·雷诺兹说道,美国媒体倾向于从自己的偏见出发,来衡量、中国的行为,而忽视了他们报道的原因和结果He added that until these media outlets just their points of the US China policy, the public is obliged to correct their dangerous and twisted opinions, which, if let unchecked, will only escalate the hostility between the two peoples.本·雷诺兹补充说道,在这些媒体调整自己关于美国对华政策的观点前,公众有义务纠正他们危险而扭曲的观点如果不加以控制的话,(这些观点)只会加剧两国人民间的敌意

[]《荒野猎人莱昂纳多每天化妆5小时 -- :3:58 来源:chinadaily 在最新电影《荒野猎人中被要求画好几层妆的莱昂纳多;迪卡普里奥很难被认出来莱昂纳多饰演休;格拉斯,是皮草贸易探险队的领队,最终成为了一次野蛮袭击中的受害人 Leonardo DiCaprio, pictured, is barely recognizable beneath the layers of makeup required his latest film, The Revenant. DiCaprio plays Hugo Glass, the real-life leader of a fur-trading expedition who ends up the victim of a savage attack. 照片上的化妆师邓肯;贾曼用了5个小时耐心地创造出格拉斯身上恐怖的伤口为让伤口看上去尽量真实,贾曼甚至翻阅了各种资料在格拉斯全身的伤口化妆完成后,演员需要带着妆开始一天的拍摄从照片中可以看出,“伤口”十分真实 Makeup artist Duncan Jarman, also pictured, spent five hours patiently recreating Glass's horrific wounds. He also obtained historical inmation about the wounds that Glass sustained so that the effect looked as true to life as possible. As Glass received wounds to his entire body, a whole day of life-casting with the actor was required, and as you can see from the picture below, the end result is gruesomely realistic. 最近,莱昂纳多凭借休;格拉斯获得了金球奖和奥斯卡的最佳男演员,电影《荒野猎人甚至获得了项奥斯卡提名 DiCaprio recently picked up a Best Actor Golden Globe his portrayal of Hugo Glass, and the film has also received Oscar nominations. English Source: Boredpanda

太空中的女性宇航员如何解决大姨妈问题 --7 :: 来源: 在太空中,保持个人卫生可没那么容易,因为水资源是有限的而且在失重状态下更换卫生产品更是举步维艰水循环系统可以用来回收尿液中的水分,但是并无法处理带有经血的尿液Women here on Earth may think of their periods as monthly inconveniences, but consider what itrsquo;s like astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).地球上的女性每个月都为大姨妈带来的不便而困扰,那大家想一想远在国际空间站(ISS)的宇航员将面临什么样的困扰呢Up there, maintaining personal hygiene in general is not easy, as limited water is available washing. The added challenges of changing hygiene products in microgravity only make things even more difficult.在太空中,保持个人卫生可没那么容易,因为水资源是有限的而且在失重状态下更换卫生产品更是举步维艰Then therersquo;s the issue of plumbing: The water recycling system onboard the ISS ; used reclaiming water from urine ; wasnrsquo;t designed with the possibility in mind that there would be menstrual blood in the mix.那么问题来了:ISS上的水循环系统主要是用来回收尿液中的水分,但是这个系统无法处理带有月经血的尿液Indeed, there are several reasons why an astronaut might want to opt out of getting her period in space. But whatrsquo;s the best way to go about it? a short mission, an astronaut may simply choose to time her cycle around her stint in space by using birth control pills, but longer missions, skipping periods entirely may be preferred, said a new review of the subject, published on April 1 in the journal npj Microgravity.事实上,宇航员一般在太空上要避开生理期有很多原因但是如何合理的避开生理期呢?月1日出版的《npj-微重力杂志对该话题的研究板块指出,对于执行短期飞行任务的宇航员来说,一般只需用一些避药,来改变经期就可以而对于执行长期任务的飞行员来说,避开生理期也许是最好的选择Skipping periods (also known as ;menstrual suppression;) is becoming more common among women in general and is gaining acceptance by more and more doctors, said the review authors, Dr. Varsha Jain, a visiting researcher at the Centre of Human amp; Aerospace Physiological Sciences in London, and Dr. Virginia Wotring, an assistant professor at the Center Space Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.伦敦人类与航空生理科学中心的研究员Varsha Jain士和德克萨斯州贝勒医学院空间医学中助理教授Virginia Wotring士如是说到,避开生理期(也就是常说的;抑制月经;)在广大女性生活中变得越来越普遍也有越来越多的医生认可这种做法Currently, there are several options women who choose to skip their periods, but whether these options will fare as well during long spaceflights as they do here on Earth is the question, according to the review.这项指出,目前女性有多种选择来抑制月经但是这些方法在长期的航空飞行中是否能像在地球上一样有效依然尚未知晓;With more women going into space, we need to ensure they have the most up-to-date inmation on the options available to them, ;Jain said in a statement.;现在越来越多的女性登上太空,我们必须保她们对抑制月经方法的最新进展有所了解,;Jain在一份声明中说到So whatrsquo;s an astronaut to do?那么宇航员该怎么做呢?One of the most common ways a woman to skip her period is by taking the pill, which uses a combination of estrogen and progesterone to suppress the menstrual cycle. While the authors of the review note that this method works well (in fact, itrsquo;s long been used in spaceflight, they write) some questions do arise.女性避开月经最常见的方法之一就是药一种含有雌性激素和激素的药物,能够抑制月经尽管这项的作者提出这种方法非常奏效(其实,这种方法在航空领域已经是老生常谈了),但是仍然有难题 example, taking hormones may affect bone density. While such slight losses in bone density are generally not a concern here on Earth, during spaceflight, where bone-density loss is accelerated, this would be more problematic, the authors said.比方说,用激素会影响骨密度员提到,虽然轻微的骨密度流失在地球上并不会对人造成多大影响,但是在太空中,骨密度流失速度加快,这就是个大问题了And of course, taking the pill each day requires, well, a pill each day. As audiences learned watching the movie ;The Martian,; every extra bit of weight counts on a spaceflight. The reviewrsquo;s authors estimate that a three-year mission would require about 1,0 pills, plus their packaging. The authors also note that the stability of these drugs over such a long time in space has not been tested.当然,采取药法要求每天要下去一丸药看过lsquo;火星救援rsquo;这部电影的观众都知道在太空中,体重轻微的增加也会造成严重的后果的作者预算,宇航员执行时长3年的飞行任务一共要用大约10丸药,再加上它们的药壳而且他还提到,目前还没有测量这些药物在太空中是否能够如此长时间的保持稳定性So rather than the pill, long-acting reversible contraceptives, or LARCs, may be an astronautrsquo;s best option, the authors wrote. These contraceptives include intrauterine devices (IUDs) and under-the-skin implants.,该作者写到,排除这种方法,长期可逆避(LARC)也许是宇航员的最佳选择该举措包括宫内放置节育器(IUDs)和皮下植入避Neither option has been shown to affect bone density in studies on Earth. In addition, a single IUD or under-the-skin implant would eliminate the extra bulk and stability issues of the pill, the authors wrote. And neither option would be expected to interfere with an astronautrsquo;s ability to perm her tasks on the mission, the researchers wrote.这两种方法目前在地球上还未检测出对骨密度有任何影响除此之外,IDU和皮下植入避可以解决药物的重量和稳定性难题并且研究人员称,这两种方法也不会干涉宇航员执行其飞行任务On a more squeamish note, the authors point out that there are no reports in the medical literature studying whether the devices could shift around in the body as a result of the strong gravitational ces that an astronaut experiences during launch or landing.但是值得注意的是,该作者指出目前并没有医学界的研究报告提到,这些设备会不会由于发射或者着陆时产生的强大引力而在体内移动Currently, two types of IUDs are available. One type, which releases small amounts of hormones into the body over time to suppress a womanrsquo;s menstrual cycle, is the preferred option spaceflight. The other available IUD prevents pregnancy by releasing copper ions, but it does not suppress a womanrsquo;s period.目前,一共出现了两种节育器一种能够在体内释放激素以抑制女性月经,这种是航空领域的首选另一种会产生铜离子来产生避效果,但是并不能抑制月经Subdermal implants work in a similar way as the hormonal IUD; they release small amounts of hormones over time. Unlike IUDs, however, which are inserted into the uterus, the subdermal implant is inserted just beneath a womanrsquo;s skin, typically in the upper arm. The implant doesnrsquo;t usually interfere with a womanrsquo;s clothing on Earth, and itrsquo;s unlikely that the method would cause problems in specific spacesuits, the review said.皮下植入节育器和IDU的工作原理是一致的它们都会不断释放少量的激素与IDU不同的是,皮下植入节育器是植入皮肤表层,一半都是在上臂皮肤内,而IDU是植入子宫内称,皮肤表层植入在地球上不会对女性的穿衣造成困扰,也更不可能在航天方面造成不便Because both options take time to effectively suppress a womanrsquo;s period, the authors said that an astronaut who chooses a LARC should have it inserted at least 1.5 to years bee her mission.该作者称,由于这两种方式在抑制月经方面都需要一定的时间才能生效,打算采取LARC方式的宇航员在执行任务时应该提前至少一年半到两年的时间植入设备

玩儿的就是心跳:洛杉矶玻璃滑梯离地3米 -- :56: 来源:chinadaily Los Angeles has a great many attractions it is known : the Hollywood sign, the TCL Chinese Theatres, the stars along Hollywood Blvd, just to name a few — and that’s not even touching on the many great art and history museums in the city (or, that matter, nearby Disneyland.) Well, now LA has yet another fun attraction to add to its collection: a glass slide that’s 1,000 feet high. 洛杉矶有许多著名景点,举几个例子:好莱坞地标,TCL中国大剧院,好莱坞星光大道——更别说那些伟大的艺术和历史物馆(说到这一点,还要提到附近的迪斯尼乐园)然而,现在洛杉矶又有了一个有趣的景点:00英尺(3米)高的玻璃滑梯Almost a thousand feet above the city, there is a 5-foot long, 1.5 inch thick clear glass slide attached to the side of the US Bank building, which allows riders to slide down from the 70th floor to the 69th. There is also an adjoining 360-degree observation deck called the Skyspace, which gives visitors more time to enjoy the view or realize their fear of heights. 洛杉矶的联邦大楼离地约一千英尺,一侧装有一个5英尺长,1.5英寸厚的透明玻璃滑梯,乘客可以从第七十层滑到第六十九层旁边还有一个360度观景台,称为空中观景平台(skyspace),给游客更多的时间来享受美景或发觉自己的恐高症According to Instagram fans, the “Skyslide” is pretty darn cool.据图片分享应用Instagram的粉丝称,“空中滑梯”相当酷We hope the slide is as cool as it looks — it cost as much as a roller coaster to build: .5 million! We’re not sure what’s more terrifying: the price tag or the actual experience. To ride, visitors board a gray mat and pull it up over their feet to m a makeshift sled, then scoot themselves over the precipice. Commence screaming! (Concerned about traffic jams? Don’t be: Only one person may go at a time.) 我们希望这个滑梯跟看起来一样酷,因为它花费的成本赶得上一个过山车:350万美元!我们不确定价格标签和实际体验哪个更惊人要玩这个滑梯,游客坐在一个灰色的垫子上,将垫子拉起,盖过自己的脚,形成一个临时的雪橇,然后迅速滑下滑梯开始尖叫!(关心交通堵塞?无需担心:每次只有一个人可以去)And don’t worry, the slide is perfectly safe. Lucy Rumantir, president and chief executive of the company that owns the building, told The Los Angeles Times that “the slide is strong enough to hang a school bus filled with people off of it.” That’s pretty darn strong. 别担心,滑梯非常安全露西-罗曼特尔是该建筑所属公司的总裁兼首席执行官,她告诉《洛杉矶时报说,“这个滑梯足以挂住一辆挤满人的校车”那是相当的牢靠Nonetheless, if you are not comtable riding the slide, you can chill out on the Skyspace and take in the view. To ease those nerves with liquid courage, the Skyspace will also host a small bar. 不过,如果你滑滑梯会觉得不适,可以在空中观景平台上放松一下,看看风景空中观景平台还将设一个小酒吧,你还可以喝点酒精饮料舒缓一下神经Tickets to visit the Skyspace are adults, $ seniors, and children ages 3-. A ride on the Skyslide costs an additional . 空中观景平台的门票价格为成人5美元,老年人美元,3-岁的儿童19美元乘坐“空中滑梯”额外收费8美元英文来源:雅虎新闻翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning

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