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安康哪个医院做包皮手术最好安康治疗男科最好的医院新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson31:MAKING A PHONE CALL 打电话451. Thank you for calling Joe’s Pizza#61557;. 感谢您打电话到乔氏比萨店。452. Hello? 喂?453. Is that Ivy? 是艾维吗? 454. This is Professor#61558; Smith. 我是史密斯教授。455. I’ll call you tomorrow. 我明天给你打电话。456. To who am I speaking? 请问你是哪位?457. Who am I talking to? 请问你是哪位?458. How can I direct#61559; your call? 要我把您的电话转给谁?459. You’ve got the wrong number. 你打错电话了。460. What number is this? 这是什么号码?461. Who do you want to talk to? 你想和谁通话?462. He isn’t here right now. 他现在不在这儿。463. Can I have him call you back? 让我叫他给你回电话吗?464. Can I call you back later? 我呆会儿再打给你好吗?465. What number can I reach you at? 我打什么号码能找到你?【生词解读】1. Pizza [#61493;#61552;#61545;#61498;#61556;#61555;#61509;] n. (涂有番茄酱、乳酪等的)意大利肉馅饼;比萨饼 2. professor [#61552;#61554;#61509;#61493;#61542;#61541;#61555;#61509;] n. 教授 3. direct [#61540;#61545;#61493;#61554;#61541;#61547;#61556;] v. 将(注意力,谈话等)指向;针对 /200708/17044安康男科专家 Morgan#39;s newfound power is a huge wakeup call to his rivals.根新得到的力量 无疑是给对手们敲响了警钟They see Morgan as a threat they need to deal with.他们将根看成是需要处理的威胁Before he deals with them.在根着手对付他们之前John Rockefeller feels the pressure to keep his empire intact like never before.约翰·洛克菲勒感受到了前所未有的压力Despite his best efforts to stop it in its tracks......electricity has gone mainstream.他已经想尽一切办法阻止电力的普及 但电还是成为了主流The people started these great companies, they just think out solutions on their own to problems.开创这些大公司的人 他们会自己思考问题的You don#39;t do it the way it#39;s been done before-- that#39;s in a book.你不能按照书本上写的老办法做You go out and you try something new cause you think it#39;ll, that you#39;ll be able to make it work...你需要自己去尝试新思路 你需要设法让它能够奏效To keep Standard Oil profitable, Rockefeller needs to find a product to replace kerosene.为了维持标准石油的盈利性 洛克菲勒需要找一种替代煤油的产品And the answer may have been in front of him the entire time.或许早就曾出现在他面前Just over 100 degrees you get a mixture of alkanes.超过100度后 你就会得到烷烃混合物Sadly it can#39;t be used for anything.可悲的是 这些不能被用于任何东西Why not?为什么Too volatile.挥发性太强Rockefeller targets a byproduct of refining oil that for years has been thrown away.洛克菲勒看准了炼油中的一种副产品 很多年来 它都被当成废物丢掉The highly flammable runoff is soaking fields and polluting rivers.高可燃性废料一直在渗入土地 污染河流The toxic substance is called gasoline......and so far, no one has figured out a use for it.这种有毒物质的名字叫作汽油 到目前为止 没人知道怎么用它 Article/201606/448886October 29th, 1942.Temperatures heading for minus 50.1942年十月二十九日 气温将近零下五十华氏度But today, the two ends of the road meet.但是今天 道路的两头接合了Corporal Refines Sims becomes a national hero.瑞凡斯·西姆斯下士成为了民族英雄It was a shining symbol of the fact these men are equal to the task,这是一个光辉的象征 象征着不同人种肩负着同等的任务they are equal to their white counterparts,they#39;re equal men.他们与白人工兵是平等的 他们是平等的人 Within six years, the U.S. Army is racially integrated.六年间 美国陆军集合了不同的人种The Alcan Highway: complete.爱尔肯公路竣工了Part of a 16,000-mile road,它是一万六千英里的公路的一部分The world#39;s longest drivable route,是世界上最长的可驾驶路线Running the length of the Americas.相当于美洲的长度It was a huge step forward and it led to such demand for more roads这是一个巨大的进步 它给人们带来了对于道路的更大需求that we see roads now literally circling the planet.以至于我们现在看到道路确确实实地环绕着地球Within half a century,The world is wrapped in a network of roads,五十年来 世界包裹在道路网络中Long enough to stretch to the moon and back 20 times.距离长到从地球到月球往返距离的二十倍But while warfare on a global scale Pushes us to connect the world and re-shape it,尽管全球范围的战争 促使我们连接世界 重塑世界It also unleashes a new and terrifying source of power它同时也释放出一种可怕的新生力量之源That could support human life on earth For millions of years,Or obliterate it.它既可以作为人类在地球上生活 几百万年的保障 亦可彻底毁灭人类 Article/201605/445917安康割包皮医院哪个好

汉滨区第一人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱安康哪个医院做包皮手术专业 where they are using hissing, growling and yowling他们会用发出嘶嘶声 低声咆哮和嚎叫- to really try and keep a distance from each other. - Yeah.-来尝试赶走其他猫 -是的And it looks as if it was reasonably effective there.并且看起来相当有效And this is Tigger,这是提格the cat whose garden he was in.他闯进的花园的主人She lives in the house on the other side of the common.她住在镇子另一边的房子里Didn#39;t hear anything last night.昨晚什么都没听到We do hear fights on occasions我们有时确实会听到打斗声but I didn#39;t hear anything last night.但是昨晚什么都没有听到I#39;m surprised, actually,我很吃惊 真的because I always thought that Tigger just let anyone in.我总以为提格会随便放人进来No, she doesn#39;t. She does fight.不是的 她确实会打架So this is how cats establish,这就是猫猫怎样建立defend and even expand their territories.保卫 甚至是扩张他们的领地的Our night-time pictures reveal我们的夜间照片显示that these stand-offs are going on all the time.这样的对峙经常发生重点解释:1.Keep from 阻止, 妨碍例句:Hearing the words, he couldn#39;t keep from laughing.听了这话,他不由得笑了起来。2.on occasions 有时, 间或例句:She visits the city on occasion.她有时到城里去。3. on the other side of 在 ... 的另一面例句:She stood on the other side of the fence.她站在篱笆的另一边。 Article/201607/457789安康长江医院罗广承

安康市人民医院包皮手术多少钱We#39;d never seen anything like this in our lives.我们以前从没见过这样的场景。But Editta would turn off all the lights, and on the night of a full moon...the moon would come through those skylights...Editta would come out and do the dying swan.Editta会关掉灯,在月光下开始跳舞随着月光洒下来Editta就跳着天鹅湖的舞蹈走了出来。We were all mesmerized by that.那场景我至今印象深刻。Someone like Editta Sherman...She#39;s married to the studio and her craft, and that#39;s her life.像Editta Sherman这样的人…她几乎嫁给了她的工作室和她的作品这是她生活的全部。And to extract her out of this environment is...That feels criminal to me because she#39;s an artist who works in this environment, and it#39;s because of this environment she does what she does true of a lot of the other tenants. So...把她赶出这栋楼…我们很有负罪感…因为这就是她这样的艺术家工作和生活的地方,正是在这样的环境里,她才做出了那些作品,对于这栋楼里的很多艺术家租客他们都是这样的。To sort of displace them at this stage in their lives, into some sort of anonymous apartment is just, you know, I think, would be the beginning of the end for a lot of these tenants.让他们离开这里,就好像剥夺走了他们生活中的一部分如果让他们搬去那些普通的公寓,那大概也会毁掉他们的艺术创作。Is it sad for you? -They#39;re going to relocate us in the neighborhood.你会对搬走的事情感到难过么?-他们要给我们安置新的住所…So you#39;re not worried...It#39;ll be an apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom.你就一点都不担心么…-那会是带浴室和厨房的新公寓。Who the hell wants a kitchen and a bathroom?谁需要浴室和厨房呢?Just more rooms to clean.那只是让我多了一些需要打扫的房间。Can you see one of these fancy apartment houses...where all they move in are filing cabinets?你能不能帮我看一下…那些新的公寓里有没有地方摆下我的这些文件柜? Article/201608/460719 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/470047安康市割包皮过长医院安康哪家医院治疗尿道炎最好

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